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Çağlar Bal

Caglar BAL signed his musical career in 2000 as a drummer. Between 2000 and 2001, he performed blues & rock style music with his music group in Thrace and Anatolia.

He started working on her electronic music practice in 2005 and completed her very first production of siyon Zennube turk in late the same year and started working in Turkish remix at the time.

He also continued his disc jockey practice since he was a child.


Since 2002;

D Maris Bay (Marmaris /TURKEY) 

Hayal Kahvesi (Edirne / TURKEY)

Last Point (Edirne / TURKEY)

Garden BAR (Edirne / TURKEY)

My Moon (Edirne / TURKEY)

Club Biyer (Edirne / TURKEY)

Joker Club (Edirne / TURKEY)

Deep Club (Edirne / TURKEY)

FOX Club (Istanbul / TURKEY)

Club Abone (Erdek / TURKEY)

Sound Therapy (Detroit / USA)

89 FM Kuci (New York / USA)

Riders of the Plastic Groove (Manhattan / USA)

Shark Club (La Mirada, USA)

Sound Theraphy (New York / USA)

Nm Sessions (Texas USA)

Madalar Club (Culiacan, USA)

Desert Fm (Texas USA)

The Citizens (El paso / USA)

Full Spectrum (Dallas / USA)

Olive Nightclub (Albuque / USA)

The Collesium Night Club (Albuquerque / USA)

Ghetto (Istanbul / TURKEY)

Mario Cantoni (Istanbul / TURKEY)

Club Golf (Erdek / TURKEY)

Club Turbulans (Erdek / TURKEY)

Club Thats it (Adana / TURKEY)

Club Aura Moonlight (Kemer / TURKEY)

Club Flamingo (Kemer / TURKEY)

Disco Harem (Kemer / TURKEY)

Club N joy (Tekirdag / TURKEY)

Club Kiss (Tekirdag / TURKEY)

Romantica (Tekirdag / TURKEY)

Doors Park (Eskisehir / TURKEY)

Club Joy (Luleburgaz / TURKEY)

Club 288 (Kirklareli / TURKEY)

Ex Club (Kusadasi / TURKEY)

Club Authentic (Kusadasi / TURKEY)

Sword (Istanbul / TURKEY)

Hayal Kahvesi (Eskisehir / TURKEY)

Pasha Hotel (Tekirdag / TURKEY)

Sultan Club (Tekirdag / TURKEY)

Club Rio (Tekirdag / TURKEY)

Various radio stations, such as residentism and guest dj assumed the league.

Caglar BAL, who has prepared many local and foreign remixes since 2005, has been working as a remixer and producer in 2006/2010.

He succeeded
In September of 2007, the current trend of the current year with the electro-house style 'Emotion' with digital download and sales sites for 3 weeks most recommended and listened to

He wrote his name between 15 works